TigerPig & Co Dog Bed Collaboration

TigerPig & Co Dog BedTigerPig & Co Dog Bed CollabTigerPig & CoSmall AquaTigerpig & Co Dog Bed

TigerPig & Co BrightsIt took us a few months, but they're finally here! 

These are handwoven dog beds are made by the Fra Fra tribe in Ghana's upper east region. While African baskets have surged in popularity, especially in interior design trends, our goal was to find a company we could collaborate with that had the same values as we did.

Not only are weavers paid a salary, but they receive a 10% commission for each product sold. Instead on focusing on mass production, their focus is on celebrating the craft and the men who are the artisans behind this craft. 

Each basket is handwoven, so no two baskets are the same and the imperfections come from human hand, which we appreciate.

These baskets are meant to be kept indoors. The cushions are made in Los Angeles. The shell is made from a 100% organic cotton in an upholstery grade fabric. The filling is from SmartFill, made from recycled plastic bottles, which can be machine-washed. That was something incredibly important to us, as our own dog has had his share or medical problems and we're used to a few accident here and there. 

We have a limited quantity of these beds, so please reach out to us if you'd like to hold one. And it should go without saying that a portion of all our products give back to animals in need, including this one. 

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