Collaborating with Tiger Frances!

TigerFrances x TigerPig&Co


Let us count the ways we love Tiger Frances . How long do we have with you, because it's going to take a while. TL;dr? We get it - here is the one-liner: Tiger Frances takes in rescues and pairs them up with children from high-stress situations so that both humans and animals find love in each other. 

Are you crying yet, because we are. 

Abuse of animals really makes us angry. Abuse of people also makes us very angry. Abuse in general is a terrible thing. As a company, we want to foster love and goodness, especially in today's landscape. It is vital that we lift, support and be kind to each other. It really is. 

As a company, we found that one month really isn't that much time to raise enough to give a significant amount to the nonprofits we support. Unfortunately, we are still small and a bit anonymous, so until our sales start rocketing, it can get a little slow - full transparency. This month, we're trying something different. We have a number in mind, and we are going to keep at it, until we hit it so that we can write a nice check over to help Tiger Frances do the amazing things they do. 



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